5 Types of Swimsuits for Everyone


Anyone can wear a swimsuit for any reason. As the name indicates, swimsuits usually serve as a type of clothing specifically tailored for water-related activities. These activities include surfing, water skating, swimming, water sports and diving. Yet, this does not mean that only people engaging in these activities should wear a swimsuit.

Even people who engage in sun-based activities such as sunbathing or just random beachside relaxation can wear a swimsuit. Of course, some who wear swimsuits do it to showcase their physical attributes. A swimsuit wearer could be a participant in a heavyweight contest, a beauty pageant model, or a photography model for magazines. But what types of swimsuits are there and who can use them? This article answers that question.

5 Types of Swimsuits for Different People

Swimsuits have a wide range of variety and they are not restricted to one particular demography. Any man, woman, or child can wear a swimsuit. However, factors such as materials, community standards, personal preferences, and current fashion trends can influence a person’s decision into choosing a type of swimsuit. The following are some common swimsuit types for different people.

One-Piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimwear is a single-item suit that often has more coverage than a regular bikini swimsuit. One-piece swimsuits range from monokinis and maillots to regular sports suits. This type of swimsuit is suitable for swimmers, divers, or anyone who would like better coverage than with a bikini.

Full-Body Swimsuit

Generally, swimsuits are designed to cover the crotch region. This type of swimsuit usually covers most of the body apart from the head, shoulder down to the hands, and the knees downwards. Although there are variations in trend, length, and cut, the variations do not stray far from the original suit style.


The Burqini, or Burkini, is a modern variation of swimsuit, which is widely preferred by Muslim women and women in such communities. This style is designed to cover the entire body and the head except for the face. It is a bit similar to a diver’s swimsuit and an upgrade to the other versions of a full-body swimsuit. This Burqini is designed to conform to the modest dressing policy of the Islamic religion. It is tagged ‘Sharia swimsuit’ in some parts of Egypt.

Swimsuit Sets

While one-piece swimsuits are common among divers and gymnasts, many beachgoers prefer to don swimsuit sets to the beach. This may be as a bikini two-piece, which has a bra and a bottom, or a three-piece that adds a third article of clothing varying from a skirt, kimono, or even a hat.

Dissolving Swimsuit

A dissolving swimsuit is swimwear that functions just as it sounds – it dissolves! They are sewn with threads that are meant to fall apart after a couple of minutes in water. Mostly these kinds of suits are used by pranksters or for people that might be jesters. Nudists or semi-nudists use this kind of swimsuit too. The only disadvantage is that it leaves the wearer naked after a couple of minutes in the water.


Swimsuits vary in type and design and their versatility makes them proper for different activities that may not be water-related. As they come in various types – full-body, one-piece, dissolving, and so on, anyone and everyone can wear a swimsuit.


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