Deals In Pressure Washers & Their Chemicals


A reliable pressure washing firm, deals with our customers’ questions about what we do and constantly answers them. One of the most common concerns of our customers is if power washing has any negative effects on the environment. There is no danger to you or the environment, even if we do use a little number of specific cleaners to ensure that the external of your property or concrete pavement is effectively cleaned. Here is all you need to understand about pressure washing’s chemical usage.

Sodium Hydroxide Reagent

While sodium hydroxide (lye) may sound like a terrifying chemical, it is found in many items you already use regularly, including soap and several household cleaning formulations. It is well known for being a powerful cleaner that works well on metals, glass, & other surfaces.

Sodium Hypochlorite Reagent (Bleach)

During some of the steps of the pressure cleaning procedure, bleach is utilized in very low concentrations. To avoid harming our equipment or putting ourselves or others in danger, we dilute all chemicals utilized in our work with water. Mold and mildew are typically treated with this chemical because it prevents them from returning.


Pressure washing can benefit from ammonia in the same way you would use it all around the house. Stainless steel and glass are the only two common materials used in this process. However, it is often used as a substitute for other cleansers in power cleaning.

Citric Acid Reagent

Citric acid is still another alternative. When buying a cleaning for your home’s pressure washer, you are probably going to see this one on the shelf there as well. Cleans concrete, wood fencing, and decking of stains and rust with ease. For driveway stain removal, it is one of the safest solutions.

Oxalic Acid Reagent

Oxalic acid is typically used as the last step by most pressure washing firms. Caustic, but effective in removing tough stains and discolorations from concrete porches, open patios, & other outdoor concrete areas.

Is It Safe To Use a High-Pressure Water Hose For Cleaning?

If you want to improve the appearance of the exterior of your property while also safeguarding the building materials from bacterial or fungal growth, professional power cleaning is an excellent choice. Using chemicals in conjunction with the higher water pressure is what makes the combination work so well.

Each job is conducted on a one-to-one basis, so it is crucial to keep that in mind as well. Any mold, bacteria, or harmful algal blooms, as well as any current staining issues, will be inspected by our professional staff. Afterward, we will determine which chemical or solvent is best suited for your case.

As always, feel free to ask us any questions you may have concerning the products we use to wash specific areas.

Offering The Best Pressure Cleaning Services Around

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