Smart lock pressure washers for fence cleaning

Spraying the top of a Wooden fence spraying a high Pressure washing a dirty grimy old wooden fence and turning it from dirty to clean in a matter of second with spray blast from pressure washer

The pressure washers are equipped with such a system that makes them easy to use. They have a smart lock, that fixes them in a balanced position, making them an easy-to-use machine. They can easily wash and clean your household objects and house fence. In order to get the best results, you must first prepare your fence. When it comes to washing a fence, preparation is key. A safe locking system is helpful for your fence cleaning procedure. Below are some points to check before cleaning your fence.

  • Ensure that the area surrounding the fence is free of soft stuff.
  • Avoid tripping over things by clearing away any mess from your workspace.
  • Keep your windows and doors closed to keep water out.
  • A cover should be used to cover electrical outlets, plants, light fixtures, and anything hazardous in the vicinity.
  • Set up your pressure washer equipment in a well-ventilated location away from children
  • Use the right spray pattern by reading the manual before washing.

Applying Cleaner

A garden hose may be used to spray the plants and soil surrounding your fence via water to form a protective barrier from detergent. The next step is to prepare a cleaning solution for your pressure washer. The cleaner can harden on the surface of the fence if you apply it to the entire fence before washing it off. Attach a spinning brush to a pressure washer wand, if you run into difficult regions. This will assist to break up stubborn stains and better condition the fence for the removal of dirt.

Washing cleaner

Use a pressure washer to spray off the detergent after it has been applied on the fence for 8-10 minutes. It’s important to keep working in chunks, as you work your way down the fence. Alternate applying cleaner, letting it stay for 8-10 minutes and then washing it off. In order to maximize efficiency, just work on one or two boards at a time. Pressure washing your fence with this method will yield the best results. Spray from the top down to avoid streaks, while rinsing. Wait 2 days before sealing or painting your fence once it has dried.

Detergent use

Based on the type of fence you have; you may choose the detergent you want to use accordingly. The fence cleaner from the market is an excellent choice and make it according to the fence type and its quality. Moss, algae, mold, and anything else that gets caught on your fence may be removed with detergent, so choose carefully.

Safety Measures

Pressure washing your fence might be dangerous if you’re not careful. Mild to serious injuries might result from using your pressure washer. Because of this, pressure washing should be done with caution.

  • While pressure washing, make sure you are dressed appropriately.
  • Pressure washers should not be used on uneven surfaces.
  • Never let your pressure washer wand sit idle while you’re cleaning.

Safety for wood

The safety of wooden material is an important aspect while using a pressure washer to clean your fence.

  • Use the correct nozzle at all times.
  • A tiny, specific area is a good place to begin testing the pressure of the washer.
  • Use a detergent that is appropriate for wood.


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